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We Buy Cars for Cash in San Clemente


Junk Car Removal

Having trouble selling your car lately? We know how tough it can be out there. There's a million different places you can list your website, but you have to fill out a bunch of different papers to do it, and everyone who takes a look at your car tries to lowball you. I mean come on, you know your car is worth more than $500 less than your quoted price, its common sense.

What we do here in San Clemente is sell cars. That's about all we do here actually. But, we've been doing it for a while and aren't too proud to say that we're damn good at it.

We take the stress out of selling your car, and replace it with cash in your pocket. It's that simple. Seriously we do almost everything for you and just give you the cash. The only thing you really have to do is give us a car. We'll come pick it up and hand you cash on the spot. It doesn't matter the make, model, type of car you own, we'll almost certainly take it. We've bought all kinds of hunks of junk (the customer’s words, not ours) from people over the years without a problem. So chances are, we'll take your car too.

You don't have to worry about selling your car to some car thief’s or street gang. Like I said earlier, we've been in business for nearly a half a decade and have been buying cars the entire time. You can look us up on the Better Business Bureau, if you want to, we have great ratings.

So if you have a car, busted hunk of junk, a useless piece of junk, please by all means let us come check it out. We'll take it off your hands right out of your driveway and give you cash on the spot. The only hard and fast rule we do have is the car can't be on fire. It's just too hard to transport and we've had issues in the past driving flaming cars down the highway. That was just a joke. But seriously, if you have a used car that you are trying to sell, give us a call. We'll give you top dollar for your car on the spot.

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